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THE YUCKIEST, STINKIEST, BEST VALENTINE EVER –Is a Valentine card the best place to express your true love? Maybe not! --Dial Books, 2012

THERE'S A FLY GUY IN MY SOUP –Book #12 in the ongoing adventures and mis-adventures of a boy and his pet fly! –Scholastic, Inc. 2012

RIDE, FLY GUY, RIDE –Fly Guy loves to go on rides, because there is always the possibility for adventure! –Scholastic, Inc. 2012

NO JUMPING ON THE BED –25th Anniversary Edition with all new illustrations! --Dial Books, 2012

FLY GUY VS. THE FLY SWATTER Fly Guy picks the wrong day to visit Buzz's school. It is the day of the school field trip and this time they are touring a factory--the fly swatter factory!!!  –Scholastic, Inc. 2011

DETECTIVE BLUE Formerly known as Little Boy Blue, Detective Blue is now solving mysteries in the big city. He is faced with his toughest case when Miss Muffet goes missing!  –Scholastic, Inc. 2011

BUZZ BOY AND FLY GUY Buzz wonders what it would be like to have super powers. He writes and illustrates a comic book of adventures to read aloud to Fly Guy at bedtime. –Scholastic, Inc. 2010

FLY GUY MEETS FLY GIRL –Fly Guy's book #8 takes the reader where no reader has been before--into the mind of a love-struck fly. A New York Times Best Seller –Scholastic, Inc. 2010

I SPY FLY GUY – A 2010 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Recipient –Book #8 in the award-winning Fly Guy series! – Scholastic, Inc., 2009

GREEN WILMA—FROG IN SPACE – At last, after 15 years, Green Wilma returns in this interstellar sequel! --Dial Books, 2009

HOORAY FOR FLY GUY! The coach of Buzz's football team didn't think a fly could play football. But with one second left in the game, Fly Guy finds a way to win it! --Scholastic, Inc., 2008

FLY HIGH, FLY GUY! Join Mom, Dad, Buzz and Fly Guy for an unforgettable family road-trip. Book #5 in the ongoing adventures of the smartest pet a kid could have. --Scholastic Inc., 2008

RAT LIFE --2007 Edgar Award Winner! This is my first novel for middle school readers!!! The dead body found in the Chemanga River had nothing to do with Todd. He was busy making beds at the family motel and writing alien stories to entertain his friends. Then he met Rat. --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2007

THE TWIN PRINCES --Why does Old King Chanticleer worry about his two sons, Henry and Fowler? Because they are twins, and he can't decide which prince should inherit his throne. --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2007

THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED FLY GUY --There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy??? Is this the end of Fly Guy? Or does everyone live happily ever after, including the spider, the bird, the cat, the dog, the goat, the cow and the horse? --Scholastic Inc., 2007

SHOO, FLY GUY --Who hasn't said, "Shoo, fly!"? In the third book of the Fly Guy series, our little winged hero hears that a lot! --Scholastic, Inc., 2006

SUPER FLY GUY --Book two in the Fly Guy series continues the adventures of the unlikeliest of buddies, a boy and his pet fly! Buzz and Fly Guy go to school. --Scholastic Inc., 2006

GUYS WRITE FOR GUYS READ --I love to eat spaghetti and I love to read. But you should never, never do both at the same time. Find out why in Guys Write for Guys Read. Check out this cool new book full of mostly true stories by many of your favorite authors and illustrators, created and edited by the excellent author and all-round great guy Jon Scieszka. --Viking, 2005.

AXLE ANNIE AND THE SPEED GRUMP --The best school bus driver in Burskyville has one big problem. Rush Hotfoot drives through the bus stop sign. What can Annie do? Robin Pulver's exciting new sequel to the original Axle Annie--Dial Books for Young Readers, 2005

HI! FLY GUY --Flies can't be pets! Flies are pests! Maybe yes, maybe no. Find out in Hi! Fly Guy, the first book of my new series for Scholastic. The unlikeliest hero of all is flying around in a library near you. --Scholastic, Inc., 2005

EVEN MORE PARTS --Welcome to my 50th book, the sequel to More Parts which was the sequel Parts. Even More Parts is filled body parts idioms. --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2004

CATALINA MAGDALENA HOOPENSTEINER WALLENDINER HOGAN LOGAN BOGAN WAS HER NAME  --Have you ever been to camp? If you have, at one time or another you probably sat around a campfire singing silly songs with friends. This is one of those songs! --Scholastic, Inc., 2004

LASSO LOU AND COWBOY McCOY --Cowboy McCoy meets Lasso Lou and discovers how much there is to learn about being a cowboy. So grab your hat and boots and prepare yourself for a funny and dusty adventure in the wild west! --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2003

HUGGLY GOES CAMPING --Huggly and his friends discover a monster cave leads to a people cave that leads to the great outdoors and a lot of fun. Scholastic See Saw Book Club. --Scholastic, Inc., 2003

HUGGLY'S VALENTINES -- Huggly mixes up the people child's Valentine cards and makes two children very sad. With the help of his monster friends, Huggly gets creative and sets things right. Big hugs all around!  Scholastic See Saw Book Club. --Scholastic, Inc., 2003

HUGGLY'S THANKSGIVING PARADE--Huggly and his friends try to figure out what is going on in the people world. And the wind up at the head of the big parade! Scholastic See Saw Book Club. Scholastic, Inc., 2002

HUGGLY'S HALLOWEEN-- If you love Halloween you will enjoy the story of Huggly and his friends as they discover what it really means to get scared out of their wits. Scholastic See Saw Book Club. Scholastic, Inc., 2002

GIANT CHILDREN --Did you ever have a goblin in your throat that made you say things you didn't mean? Have you ever found a buffalo in the library eating the very book you wanted? Have you ever heard swamp stomp rock and roll? It's all in here where giant children go to school! --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2002

HUGGLY'S TRIP TO THE BEACH--Huggly and his friends get lost and discover a new kind of bed--a hotel bed. And that's not all. This hotel is on the beach. Go swimming with Huggly, Booter and Grubble! Scholastic, Inc., 2002

HUGGLY'S SNOW DAY--Huggly and his friends try to figure out what is wrong with the people world. What's all that white stuff? Whatever it is, it's a lot of fun! Find out what is so wonderful about a snow day. Scholastic, Inc., 2002

MORE PARTS --He's back and he's more than a little concerned that he's coming apart again. Check out this long-awaited sequel to Parts. --Dial Books for Young Readers, 2001

HUGGLY'S CHRISTMAS--Huggly forgets and leaves his only star crystal in the people child's closet. He can't explore dark tunnels with his friends until they get the crystal back. But what has the people child done with it? And why is a tree, covered with lights, growing inside the people house. Join Huggly and his friends as they discover the beauty and spirit of Christmas.  Scholastic, Inc., 2001

HUGGLY'S BIG MESS --Huggly wants pizza so badly that he decides to make it himself, in the people kitchen. What a mess. But things only get worse when he decides to clean up after himself! Scholastic, Inc. 2001

INSIDE A ZOO IN THE CITY --Who wakes up the zoo animals and helps get their day started? You might be surprised. Here is the second sequel to to the popular Inside a Barn in the Country. Scholastic, Inc., 2000 (written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli)

HUGGLY GOES TO SCHOOL --Huggly and his friends get all wrapped up in a game of hide-and-seek and accidently discover a people school! The monster friends enjoy a day of fun and adventures at school, disguised as people children so they won't get caught. Scholastic, Inc., 2000 (See Saw Book Club, Sept. 2000)

HUGGLY'S PIZZA --Huggly tried pizza at a pizza party in the previous Huggly adventure, Huggly and the Toy Monster. Now, can Huggly and his friends find more pizza without getting caught? Find out when you join Huggly on his hilarious pizza-hunt adventure! Scholastic, Inc., 2000

AXLE ANNIE--Annie is the best school bus driver in Burskyville. And she's so much fun, all the kids want to ride on Annie's bus. On snowy mornings they won't close the schools unless Annie thinks she can't make it over Tiger Hill. But Annie has always made it over that hill. Shifty Rhodes, another bus driver, would like nothing better than to stay in his warm bed when blizzards hit town. If he could stop Annie from driving over Tiger Hill, maybe the schools would take a snow day and Shifty could stay in bed. He will try anything to stop Annie. Dial Books, 1999 (written by Robin Pulver)

INSIDE A HOUSE THAT IS HAUNTED --One after another, the creatures in a haunted house are awakened by a mysterious knock on the door. In rebus form. Scholastic, Inc., 1998 (written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli)

HUGGLY AND THE TOY MONSTER --One day in the people child's bedroom Huggly discovers a brand new toy still in the box--a toy monster that looks just like him! What happens when Huggly takes the toy from the bedroom down into the monster world under the bed? Scholastic, Inc., 1998

HUGGLY TAKES A BATH --It's the middle of the night, and Huggly, attracted to the light in the bathroom, searches for...something to eat?! What he finds is a room full of fun! Scholastic, Inc., 1998

HUGGLY GETS DRESSED --Huggly, the little green monster that lives under the bed, wants to get dressed as the human children do. But he puts the shirt on his legs and the underpants on his head. First in a new series! Scholastic, Inc. 1997

HUGGLY'S SLEEPOVER --A CD-ROM game for kids ages 4-6 with a complete balance of essential skills to get ready for kindergarten. Combines charming adventure with academic, social and emotional development. Scholastic, Inc., 1997

PARTS --You think you're an average, ordinary kid. Then you notice... Your belly button is shedding big fuzzy lintballs. Skin is peeling from your toes. Your teeth have started falling out. Is this average, ordinary kid stuff? Or...are you coming unglued? Dial Books for Young Readers, fall 1997 (Also in Scholastic paperback--See Saw Book Club)

MY DOG NEVER SAYS PLEASE --Tired of having to mind her manners, clean her room, and wear shoes, Ginny Mae wishes she could trade places with the family dog. Dial Books, spring 1997 (written by Suzanne Williams)

TRACKS --When Albert breaks his glasses while supervising the laying of the railroad tracks between two towns, he becomes responsible for one of the most exciting rides that the townspeople have ever had. Morrow Junior Books, spring of 1996 (written by David Galef--also in paperback)

BIALOSKY'S BEDSIDE BOOKS --Bialosky, the 100% loyal and true teddy bear presents his tiny night-table library including four full-color board books: Bialosky's Bedtime, Bialosky's Bumblebees, Bialosky's House, and Bialosky's Big Mess. Slipcased set of four. Workman Publishing, 1996 (boxed set of four board books)

NO MORE WATER IN THE TUB! --After filling the bathtub too full one night, William goes sailing through his apartment building floor by floor in his tub, collecting neighbors in his wake. This is the sequel to the bestselling No Jumping on the Bed! Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995 (Also in paperback)

FIVE UGLY MONSTERS --A new spin on the familiar nursery rhyme finds five little monsters jumping on a child's bed, falling off, bumping their heads, and being warned by the doctor, "No more monsters jumping on the bed!" Scholastic, Inc., 1995 (Also Scholastic paperback)

INSIDE A BARN IN THE COUNTRY --One after another, the animals in a barn wake each other up with the unique sounds they make. In rebus form. Scholastic, Inc., 1995 (written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli--also in paperback and big book)

THE ROLY-POLY SPIDER --Out of print--After eating a beetle, a caterpillar, a bumblebee, and other insects, a plump spider gets temporarily stuck in a waterspout. Scholastic, Inc., 1994 (written by Jill Sardegna--also in paperback)

MY WORKING MOM --Although she sometimes resents her mother's work as a witch, a young girl decides to keep her mother just the way she is. Morrow Junior Books, 1994 (written by Peter Glassman--also in paperback)

GREEN WILMA --Waking up with a frog-like appearance, Wilma proves disruptive at school as she searches for some tasty flies. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1993 (also in paperback)

THE SIMPLE PEOPLE -- Out of print --The simple people enjoy the simple life, until Node's craftwork is used to make life complicated, and everyone forgets the feel of the sun and the taste of fresh fruit. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1992 (illustrated by Andrew Shachat)

THE SIGNMAKER'S ASSISTANT --Dreaming of owning his own shop, Norman, the signmaker's assistant, creates a variety of mischievous signs as a practical joke, but when the joke backfires and the old signmaker is blamed, Norman begins to discover the importance of honesty. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1992 (also in paperback)

MOTHER GOOSE'S WORDS OF WIT AND WISDOM --A collection of Mother Goose rhymes centered around the months of the year and illustrated with cross-stitched pictures and samplers designed by Mr. Arnold. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1990 (illustrated with cross-stitched needlework)

OLLIE FORGOT --Ollie's rather unreliable memory, which loses whatever he has in mind whenever he hears something new, gets him into all kinds of trouble on the way to the market. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1988 (also in paperback)

NO JUMPING ON THE BED! --Walter lives near the top floor of a tall apartment building, where one night his habit of jumping on his bed leads to a tumultuous fall through floor after floor, collecting occupants all the way down. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1987 (also in paperback, big book and Spanish hardback)

Other Published Works


MY FIRST GAME BOOK --Workman Publishing, 1986 (A write & wipe book)

MY FIRST DRAWING BOOK --Workman Publishing, 1986 (a write & wipe book)

MY FIRST PLAY HOUSE --Workman Publishing, 1987 (a punch-out and assemble board book, no text)

MY FIRST PLAY TOWN --Workman Publishing, 1987 (a punch-out and assemble board book, no text)

MY FIRST BAKING BOOK --Workman Publishing, 1988 (written by Rena Coyle)

MY FIRST CAMERA BOOK --Workman Publishing, 1989 (written by Anne Kostick)


BISNIPIAN BLAST-OFF --Discovery Toys, 1990 (written by Laurie Abel)

MY FIRST COMPUTER BOOK--Workman Publishing, 1991 (written by David Schiller & David Rosenbloom, with disk)

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